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50 Summer Fun things to do in Eureka Springs

Explore an area cave or cavern: Onyx Cave, War Eagle Cavern or Cosmic Cavern Ride horses at Dinner Bell Ranch or Hidden Valley Ranch Hike or bike more than 25 miles...
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1886 Crescent Hotel

Perched atop the picturesque Ozarks is the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa–a shining example of Arkansas hospitality and a proud member of the prestigious Historic Hotels of America. With its...
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Living History: A Tour of Eureka Springs’ Historic Hotels

Eureka Springs is exceedingly proud of its history, in large part because its history is so colorful. (How many other towns of 2,000 residents have their own historical museum?) In...
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BOO! Experience Eureka Springs’ Chilling (and Historical) Ghost Tours

You ain’t afraid of no ghosts! And neither are we, to be honest. Here in Eureka Springs, we embrace our paranormal neighbors — not literally, of course — and we...
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