Starkey Marina

Starkey Marina

A family owned and operated business, here at the convenience of every one of their customers. As a full-service marina where the entire crew is very helpful and friendly.

When you pull up to Starkey’s docks you will not be disappointed, as there will always be a helpful and friendly crew member there at your assistance. Beaver Lake marina services at Starkey include fueling boats with gas, oil, and other fluids needed to maintain a healthy boat. As well as pumping waste, filling water tanks, and any other service you may need help with. Starkey also has the cleanest restroom located in marina and on the lake.

Starkey Marina is also one of the few marinas on Beaver Lake where you can dock and enjoy a patio, fresh and hot pizza and cold beer.

This Eureka Springs marina has a convenience store, fishing supplies and floating picnic area with a cook to order pizza restaurant and a full line of beer, soda, snacks and ice.

Every customer who rents a boat will also be shown by a crew member how to operate the boat and some neat and beautiful places on the lake to ensure that you will enjoy yourselves.


(479) 253-8194
4022 Mundell Road Get Directions

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