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Three Sisters Cafe

Corn, beans and squash are often referred to as the three sisters. They are a gift from creator for sustenance and for teaching. In the traditional three sisters garden the three depend on and need each other. The corn stalk comes out of the ground first and grows straight and tall so its little sister, the beans, will have a place to wrap around and grow. Not to be outdone, the littlest sister, squash, brings much needed nutrients to her bigger sisters as she playfully spreads her magic deep in the soil.

I too, am one of three sisters.

There was Christine, who left for her heavenly home in 2021. She paved the way as elder and teacher to her two younger sisters. Then came Suzanne, the middle sister who shared the playground of life with me; always responsible and true, shading me from life’s harsh moments. And I, Peggy, the baby sister, forever dancing through life, bringing joy and folly to my older sisters.
With Three Sisters Cafe, I honor mother earth and her gardens of wonder and I honor family, love, sisterhood and friendship.

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