Let’s Nosh! 8 Amazing Dishes You Won’t Want to Miss in Eureka Springs Restaurants

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Let’s Nosh! 8 Amazing Dishes You Won’t Want to Miss in Eureka Springs Restaurants

Ideally, the best way to experience the marvelous culinary scene in Eureka Springs is to order both sides of the menu from every restaurant in town. Our eateries are that good! But we know you have other things on your itinerary besides eating – and we don’t want you to break the scale when you get home.

To point you in the right direction, here’s a sampling of eight individual dishes that earn raves from visitors, and perhaps more important: They’re favorites of local folk.


Dry-Aged Steak at Grotto Wood-Fired Grill • Wine Cave

10 Center Street
(479) 363-6431

Committed carnivores will find their heaven at this romantic downtown restaurant. Chef Slane is a master of bringing out sumptuous flavors from his wood-fired grill — especially steaks. There’s a lot of science behind dry-aging, but suffice to say that it makes the meat more tender and richly flavored. Your best bet is the Creekstone Boneless Ribeye, although the House Sirloin is also another favorite. Accompany your steak with an array of sides from basic (baked potato) to the imaginative (Smoked Corn Medley), and you’ll indulge in a feast you won’t soon forget. The atmosphere is unforgettable too — one side of Grotto is solid rock with a continuously running spring.

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Pancakes and Garlic Cheese Grits at Mud Street Cafe

22G S. Main Street
(479) 253-6732

You’ve got to fuel up before a day of fun and adventure in and around Eureka Springs—and that means a big, hearty breakfast. With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to check out Mud Street Cafe. To enter this “underground” spot, you walk down a flight of stairs and into a space with old limestone walls, large wooden beams and stained-glass lighting. Whatever you choose from the extensive menu will more than satisfy, but a favorite is the giant Sour Cream Pancakes (plain or with blueberries) and a side of tangy Garlic Cheese Grits. A delectable combo.

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Otherworldly Burgers at Outer Limits

42 Kingshighway
(870) 423-8976

The logo for this popular food truck is a cocky green alien wearing a chef’s hat – and this otherworldly being’s specialty is burgers. The dozen nicely priced choices start with the basic Full Moon, a 1/3-pound patty with your choice of cheese. It gets more elaborate from there, including Uranus, a 1/3-pound patty topped with bacon, grilled onions and fried cheddar cheese. For those who like a challenge, step up to the Behemoth, which features five (yes, five) 1/3-pound patties glazed in barbecue sauce and covered with bacon, cheddar cheese and crispy fried onions. (Umm, it’s OK to share, we guess.) To venture into uncharted space, try the Vegan Hempseed Plantburger. Outer Limits is stationed at the southwestern side of downtown.

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Surf & Turf at Rogue’s Manor

124 Spring Street
(479) 253-4911

Remember when the concept of surf & turf meant something special, as in steak and lobster—and not a burger and fish sticks? Well, Rogue’s Manor keeps it strictly old school. The menu reads, simply: Steak & Lobster—Rogue’s Manor Speciality. You can choose from a filet, ribeye, New York strip or (okay, twist our arm) rack of lamb to go with your succulent lobster tail. You’ll delve into this delicacy in a historic, festive-looking home that was built in the 1870s next to Sweet Spring. The atmosphere is old-school upscale, with white tablecloths, comfy leather chairs and an intricately designed ceiling — perfect for an intimate splurge dinner.

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Scottish Salmon at Grand Taverne Restaurant & Lounge

37 N. Main Street
(800) 344-6050

This elegant eatery is situated inside downtown’s Grand Central Hotel. Built in 1880, this was the first brick hotel in town and served as a stagecoach terminal. While all the gourmet dishes prepared by Chef Jeff Clements are remarkable, a standout is the Grilled Scottish Salmon in a roasted garlic and pistachio butter sauce—moist and just the right measure of flaky. From the nine delicious sides to choose from, allow us to recommend the Dauphinoise Potatoes. Be careful not to fill up on the Grand Taverne’s renowned, made-fresh-daily Ozark Sourdough bread. A word of warning, though: It won’t be easy.

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A Cannoli at Ermilio’s

26 White Street
(479) 253-8806

Ah, the cannoli. That creamy, rich, decadent Italian dessert. What better way to cap off a scrumptious home-style Italian meal at Ermilio’s than with one of these amazing desserts. Cannolis may look small, but they go a long way. You can even split one, although we recommend getting one for everyone to avoid fork fights. Ermilio’s serves a Chocolate Pistachio Cannoli. The cream is encased in a hearty crust, which is surrounded by chocolate, dotted with the chopped nuts, and for good measure, topped off with swirly dollops of more cream. Ermilio’s, a Eureka Springs institution, is located in a charming house, festooned with lights, in the heart of downtown.

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Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza at SkyBar Gourmet Pizza

75 Prospect Ave.
(479) 363-6309

This award-winning mega-pie has become a guest favorite with its potent blend of charbroiled chicken, smokey bacon, and three cheeses: sharp cheddar, mozzarella and smoked gouda. The deep-dish pizza comes topped with french ranch dressing (we love our ranch here in Arkansas) and scallions. Whoah! This feast-in-the-round comes with a magnificent view—SkyBar is on the 4th floor of the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, which is perched on a hill that overlooks downtown Eureka Springs and offers panoramic views of the Ozarks.

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Baked Brie at Local Flavor Cafe

71 S. Main Street
(479) 253-9522

We felt compelled to include an appetizer in our list, and this one is a standout. Local Flavor Cafe—which is situated on the southern end of downtown and has been called a “local gem,” a “local treasure” and other superlatives—bakes its gooey brie in pastry, sprinkles it with sliced, toasted almonds, ladles on a remarkable honey lemon sauce, and serves it with fresh fruit. One effusive TripAdvisor reviewer called the dish “melt-in-your-mouth delicious.” A perfect way to start a terrific meal — and 100% locals-approved.

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